Saturday, December 5, 2009


So...I didn't write a single post during the entire month of November....whoops.
Anyway....I think I'm kinda done with the blogging thing in general because I made a decision....yay being decisive! After much consideration and thinking I realized that I will forever regret not trying to be a performer unless I go out there and try! After experiencing the conservatory environment and the school of music environment I have determined that for me to feel prepared out in the world as a performer I need to graduate from a conservatory. Given this, I will be going back to Lawrence next year. I will graduate in 2011 with a degree in trombone (bass trombone) performance. Then I will either go to grad school, take auditions or go live in New York and work at a diner to pay bills while practicing and gigging whenever possible. Overall I am very excited.
There are many-several reasons why the conservatory environment works better for me, the biggest one probably being the motivation of other students practice habits that I have found to be much more lax at CSU. I also really enjoy the constant activity and concert schedule at Lawrence - not to mention that they are almost all free! I am also looking forward to being in a studio where there are a whole lot of bass trombonists again, there are 4ish here which is not too shabby but compared to the 8ish at Lawrence? not nearly as good :)
There are things I will miss about CSU and things that I will not enjoy about Lawrence (like the cost) but things will even out :)
As always, would love to hear from you!!!
Happy Holiday Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!