Monday, March 29, 2010

Back from the dead!?

OK, so I've been absolutely terrible at updating this and such, sorry to the few people who actually read it (I have no idea how many there are anyway). So the whole comparison project is done and I'm apparently not interesting enough to write about my life in general (Most of my waking time is spent at school and practicing) but I have a goal for this summer that I thought it would be super fun to write about and maybe get some feedback on.... I plan to visit EVERY non-chain (meaning not starbucks) coffee shop in Fort Collins. Here's the list I have compiled with the help of google maps

Coffee/Tea shops in Fort Collins

  • Everyday Joe's Coffee House
  • Starry Night Espresso Cafe
  • Bean Cycle
  • Catalyst Coffee LLC
  • Mugs Coffee Lounge
  • Alley Cat Cafe
  • Cups Coffee
  • Genoa Coffee & Wine
  • Dazbog Coffee Store
  • Deja Vu Coffeehouse
  • Wild Boar Coffee
  • Lyric Cinema Cafe
  • Bean Trees Drive Thru Coffee Cafe
  • Cuppy's Coffee and Smoothies
  • Colorado Coffee Exchange
  • Human Bean
  • The Haunted Game Cafe
  • La Dolce Vita Gelato Caffe
  • f/stop cafe
  • beatnik coffee
  • Wired Bean Coffee House
  • Coffee Craze
  • Specht Point Cafe
  • The Western Coffee Bar
  • Cafe Richesse
  • Monza Cafe
  • Espresso Di Cincotta
  • Cafe Vino
  • Cafe Ardour
  • Happy Lucky's Tea House
  • Half Moon Bay Coffee
  • Moxie Java
That 32, many more than I thought! I have had several thoughts about the best way to go about doing this, one idea was to ask for the same drink at every place - but I don't want to limit myself to drinking only one type of drink for the whole summer. So then I was thinking about e-mailing each store (that I could find an e-mail address for) and asking what their "signature drink" is, but that would be a lot of work and I'm not even guaranteed an answer. In talking with my parents and Andrew I have decided that I will ask the bartender to make me their favorite drink. As Andrew pointed out, it's a lot more random. I will also get a wider variety of drinks and will probably try a lot of things I wouldn't try otherwise. I plan on reviewing every place - hopefully with a picture or two - for the summer, maybe with other random interjections. So let's do some math here, 32 shops and I have about 14 weeks if I start when I get out of school (minus my week trip to Appleton) that would be 2.29 coffee shops per week. If I start now then I have around 20 weeks (not counting the week in Appleton) which is 1.6 shops a week. I like that number better. If you have a favorite drink at a certain place I will consider ordering that instead. If you can think of a place I did not include I'd love to hear it! If you are going to visit me this summer (or live here) and want to join me on all or some of these adventures let me know!! I'd love the company! I am excited for all this coffee business! and some tea too :)