Monday, July 11, 2011

STORM!!! (7-11-11)

Reasons to be Excited Today: there was a HUGE and quick storm in my hometown today - lots of rain such that there was a waterfall as our bay window :)

Sleeping In! (7-10-11)

Reasons to be Excited Today: Sleeping in without an alarm because I could  -.-  :)

Concert!! (7-9-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: Seeing the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks with my dad :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cup-Pies (7-8-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: Giving my workmates cup-pies :)

Storm!! (7-7-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: Storm, rain storm, awesome.

Song title quotes (7-6-11)

A: Which song? Are you feeling groovy? Do you have a bridge that rides over troubled waters? Are you a boxer going to Scarborough fair with rosemary and thyme?
R: All of the above, because I'm the only living boy in new york.
A: I thought you told me you were a girl and your name was Mrs. Robinson?
R: Well, then again, it might be Kathy.
A: Are you sure it isn't Cecelia?
R: I do get confused, especially when I'm with Julio in the school yard.
A: Is that school yard located in my little town?
R: Yes, which is where I'm traveling to.
A: Are you going to an island? I hear they never cry, kinda like rocks.
R: Yeah, which makes me homeward bound.
A: Make sure to check out the 59th street brigade when you get there!
R: Oh I will! I've heard the sounds of silence.
A: Damnit! You used the one I wanted too! I guess that's what I get for being an 'old friend' of yours.
R: Oh man! You might have won! But it's ok because I'm in America.
A: Oh I wish I could line in America. I'm just a poor boy who flew down to Mexico.
R: Did you just lose?! That was great, it makes me want to wake up to little Susie.
A: Did I just lose? That's like asking me if I would rather be a sparrow or a snail!

Car Conversations (7-5-11)

Reasons to be Excited Today: having time to talk in a moving car is sometimes just awesome. simply awesome :)

Volleyball Fun (7-4-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: A very fun and silly game of Volleyball with friends at a 4th party :)

Naps (7-3-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: Napping in a hammock in the mountains :)

Backpacking!! (7-2-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: going backpacking with family and friends

Old Friends (7-1-11)

Reason to be Excited Today: reconnecting with old friends