Sunday, March 17, 2013

Validation of Happiness

I keep noticing that when I'm happy I want to share my happiness way more than anyone probably cares about.  Like tonight, I had a REALLY fun day gaming and I have the strongest urges to update my facebook status with something like: I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! GAMES ARE GREAT! SO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY THEM! HOW MUCH WONDERFUL CAN FIT INTO ONE DAY?!?!?!
and these things are a) annoying and b) excessive and c) no one cares.  Not to say that my friends aren't invested in my happiness (on some level) or that I shouldn't share being happy with people (because being happy is awesome) but why do I feel this strange need to validate my happiness on some level by sharing it with everyone?  I wonder if it's more about getting attention or if I really do want to share just because I think it will make other people happy that I'm happy...or something else entirely that I'm unwilling to admit to myself possibly...
Moral of the story: I've had a really fantastic day!! I'm so pleased with my life because I have days like this frequently and it feels somewhat unfair to be so happy and love my life so much, but if I can't be happy in my life I'm not living it very well.  I appreciate and love my friends (new and old) in such a way that I am at loss to put words to my feelings and I kind of love that.  I hope for many more days that leave me feeling like this at the end :)

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